Rebuild Service

Some people are quite happy to simply cover a multitude of sins. 
Not us.

Just re-upholstering your old furniture is like papering over the cracks. The cracks are still there. We prefer to strip the whole beloved piece back and build it up again into its former glory.

Our craftspeople will literally be rebuilding a piece of your family history, ensuring that there are many future years of joy to match the cherished memories.

To give your furniture a whole new lease of life we need to strip it right back to the frame. We’ll then tighten it, replace or readjust the springs and restuff and reshape the insides.

If originally hand lashed, we will again use this traditional technique to secure the springs. We’ll then lovingly re-upholster the piece before delivering it back to you in our own vehicle, for you to welcome it like a long lost family member.