Cushion Fillings

As previously mentioned, the comfort of a high quality sofa or chair comes mainly from seat springs.Although different cushion fillings will affect the way they sit, cushions are primarily there to supply posture support.

We have selected what we believe to be the best standard filling materials to provide optimum support for each model, allowing the springs to do their job. However, some fillings take more maintenance than others, so here is a brief description of each.

Duck Feather & Down

The best filling for moulding around you and giving posture support. Even if you decide on a different filling for the seat interiors, we would strongly recommend that you have this filling in the back cushions for optimum support. We use a mixture of duck feathers and duck down for extra softness. Because you sit ‘in’ feathers, rather than ‘on’ them, they let the springs perform perfectly. However, in order to keep their loft, feathers need daily plumping. If plumped daily, they will give years of satisfaction.


Hollofibre is a man-made fibre that will again give excellent posture support. It does not have quite the same moulding properties as feathers and therefore you will tend to sit more ‘on’ it than ‘in’ it. Because of this, you will sit slightly firmer and higher on Hollofibre than Feathers. This filling should be plumped and turned regularly for maximum life.

Hollofibre Jacket

A thick foam core with a hollofibre pad on the top and on the bottom. This cushion provides a firmer sit than hollofibre but gives more bounce due to the foam core. This cushion will maintain its shape with minimal maintenance (just turning once a week).


A choice of luxurious firm or soft sitting foam which provides a neat finish and very little maintenance. We are able to change standard interiors to others. For further information contact the sales office on 0115 972 5056.