Partner Terms And Conditions

  1. In order to qualify for the display discount your display order needs to be faxed or e-mailed to Whitehead Designs by no later than Tuesday 31st March
  2. 4 pieces of Display (of individual models) must be visible to clients on your showroom floor. The pieces must not be hidden by loose fabric, scatter cushions or other materials.
  3. The pieces must be made up of at least one sofa; the balance may be chairs and stand-alone footstools. Lamp tables, bedside tables, cubes, drums, headboards and screens do not apply. Chaise units and the Shelley do not qualify as sofas. Chair and Footstool combinations are classified as one piece.
  4. The 4 pieces must be clearly on display at all times to continue to qualify as a Whitehead Partner.
  5. 10% discount on all follow up orders will only be honoured to those displaying the minimum of 4 pieces. This excludes any rebuild sales.
  6. To qualify for your display discount the following must be written on all orders: display offer -30% display offer -15% – recover display offer 10%
  7. The stockist display discounts will be inclusive of any standard discounts that are already applied.
  8. Pieces on loan from Whitehead do not apply.
  9. It is your obligation to inform us when display is removed or sold.
  10. Point of Sale will be available and must be made visible to clients.
  11. If you are an existing stockist you will automatically be listed on our website.
  12. These terms & conditions do not apply to customers who stock the Classic Collection; however they will be listed as a Whitehead Partner on the Whitehead Website
  13. Your business name and contact details will be listed on our new website as soon as you receive your display pieces provided you have received your display order, alternatively it will be listed on the date of receiving your display order.